• January 4, 2019

Working with a Financial District Real Estate Broker To Sell Your Apartment

Working with a Financial District Real Estate Broker To Sell Your Apartment

Working with a Financial District Real Estate Broker To Sell Your Apartment 1024 683 Paper Street Real Estate

Working with a Financial District Real Estate Broker To Sell Your Apartment

Picking The Right FiDi Real Estate Broker

Owning an apartment whether it is a condo or co-op in the Financial District of NYC has its perks. You are sitting on valuable real estate in one of the most sought out places in the world. You are located conveniently near the largest commercial capital in the United States and have endless options of entertainment and dining that are just one Uber ride or a few train stops away. Regardless of how hot a piece of real estate is, we eventually outgrow it. Maybe your family is expanding or the city life has become passé. Whatever the reason, you’ve reached a point where it is time to sell. The first decision you need to make before anything else is deciding on whether you should work with a real estate agent and broker or not. We’ve already wrote about this topic here . The overwhelming answer is you should most definitely find yourself a broker to help you with selling your home. This is because of financial reasons as well as convenience.

Which broker should you use is the question? With all the big names like Douglas Elliman and Keller Williams, is using a smaller boutique firm prudent?  Selling an apartment in the Financial District is a niche in it’s own right. You would want a specialist managing your listing. Think of it  like a medical procedure. If you are having a wrist issue, do you want a general practioner working on the operation, or would you prefer a wrist specialist with their precision and focus on all things dealing with hand and wrist movements? I am certain you would go with the latter. That is why a smaller boutique real estate firm that concentrates on the Financial District and is located in the heart of the neighborhood is a better choice.

Meet The Team

This is who Paper Street Real Estate LLC is. A firm dedicated to accommodating sellers in Downtown Manhattan, specifically the Financial District. What separates us from any other boutique firm? Two factors – A broker who is a highly competent lawyer and an agent that came into this business with a specialization in digital marketing. Any real estate firm can list a property on the Multiple Listing Service and do open houses. In addition to those services you are getting added value with the team we have leading our Residential Sales Division.

Kamilla Mishiyeva is a licensed New York State real estate broker as well as a licensed attorney. Her legal practice gave her the experience to understand the transactional side of real estate. This included real estate closings, dealing with title companies, and working heavily with buyer and seller attorneys. In addition to that, her years as a lawyer have resulted in her own personal network of architects, developers, investors, buyers, non-profits, and brokers – parties that are all potential purchasers of your real estate in the Financial District.

Garry Zeltser is a licensed real estate agent and heads the residential marketing division. Talk to any mover and shaker in the digital media world today and they will all tell you the same thing when it comes to sales – advertising isn’t dead, it shifted to your desktop and phones. This is where Garry’s strength surfaces. Every listing we get, we determine who the target is. Whether it’s a family with a new born, a young entrepreneur from the suburbs of New York looking to subscribe to the city life, or a developer, we identify who the buyer will be and then we create a custom advertising campaign that spans from Facebook and Instagram to every forum and blog where our potential buyer resides on the internet. We make sure your potential buyer sees and hears about your listing numerous times. Our marketing strategy even before we account for any views we get on major realty websites and the MLS tops 5,000 views within the first week on average to focused, niche end-users who are in line as being potential owners of your home. This is all done because of Garry’s extensive experience in digital marketing.

Contact Us

Our firm is unlike any other in the Financial District. You are getting a team that concentrates on the neighborhood and utilizes the most modern methods of advertising. If you want to know how much your property can potentially sell for, you can fill out our intake form and we will send you a comparative sales report so we can get the ball rolling on the sale of your apartment. You can also reach out directly to us by calling (646) 945-3727 or email us at Garry@paperstreetrealestate.com.

We are conveniently located on 85 Broad Street New York, NY 10004. Call us to set up an appointment so we can go over the marketing strategy for your home and determine the best and fastest method to get your apartment sold.