• May 17, 2018

Three Good Practices For Selling Your Manhattan Real Estate

Three Good Practices For Selling Your Manhattan Real Estate

Three Good Practices For Selling Your Manhattan Real Estate 960 624 Paper Street Real Estate

You are getting to that point where you are ready to part ways with your NYC co-op/condomium. If you approach the sale with a lazy disposition, expect a purchase price no where near it’s true potential. If you approach the sale with the following three practices, you may very well enjoy the satisfaction of knowing you sold your listing for a price point close to it’s true ceiling.


Real estate is essentially sales. The cardinal rule of all sales is marketing. There are several ways to make sure your property is marketed properly. To start, are there any items that require repair? Consider making repairs prior to a viewing or an open house. For example, if there is a hole in the wall or the window is cracked, expect a potential buyer to pursue a lower purchase price to account for the repairs they’ll need to make. A prudent practice would be to touch-up the imperfections on your own. By addressing the issues head on, you can avoid that price drop the buyer is looking to capitalize on.

Nowadays, buyers are looking for homes that have a nice amount of open space. You can create a modern feel and that open space look in an apartment as small as 500 sq ft by implementing once simple strategy – minimalism. Rearrange your furniture and get rid of junk you don’t need. Buy a book on the topic if you need help.

Spread Good News

Has there been no maintenance increase or assessments in the last 10 years? Is there a brand new gym in your building? Is there a great dog park less than a block away? Do you have some inside info that would make your building irresistible? Make sure your broker is privy to this information so she can relay it to potential buyers.

Any intangibles that make your apartment more appealing, spread that good news to everyone. Sometimes letting people know how quiet your nieghrbors are or how many great kids  there are in your building for potential playdates of a young family can be the tipping point which gets a buyer on the fence straight to your attorneys office for a closing.

Getting The Right Team Together

Brokers are your ultimate resource to selling your Manhattan real estate. It’s 2018. Agents have become sophisticated. Don’t expect an agent to simply list your property and wait on the calls. By working with Paper Street Real Estate LLC for example, not only do you get a competent and capable real estate brokerage, you are getting a team that is exceptional in social media marketing and Google Ads. Every avenue will be taken to sell your property as quickly and effortlessly as possible. We will hire a photographer to take high quality photos of your property. On the day of signing the agency agreement, your listing will be listed in every major online resource that potential sellers view on a daily basis. All major social and search engine platforms will have your property being advertised in no time. We will even use our media tools to track down potential buyers who are tweeting or commenting about their desire to move into your neighborhood which we will contact directly to let them know about your lush apartment. With the right broker, you are getting more effort, more hours, and more drive to sell and market your home as best as possible.

By having the right agents on your team, you will get the latest comparisons and data on trends and sales in your respective neighborhood so we can properly price your property. This industry may have had a bad history of charlatans and cheap salesmen. With us, it’s completely different. We care about our reputation and the only way to build credibility in this business is to make you extremely satisfied with your selling experience. Having the right group beside you gives you a vast amount of resources.

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