• September 7, 2018

NYC Real Estate Broker

NYC Real Estate Broker

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NYC Real Estate Broker & Agent

A Real Estate Firm That Works With Buyers and Sellers in Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens, Bronx, and Staten Island

With a real estate transaction, whether you are on the buying or selling side, having an NYC Real Estate Agent and Broker at your disposal can be indispensable. Many principles (buyers/sellers) do not consider the impact of a good broker on a listing. With Paper Street Real Estate LLC. , in addition to the industry standard approach of handling a property, you are given a unique and unorthodox set of tools that accompany your property with every listing. This uniqueness starts with the founding broker of this real estate firm, Kamilla Mishiyeva.

NYC Real Estate Broker

Paper Street Real Estate LLC., located in the Financial District of Manhattan. Call us at (646) 945-3727 to speak with a broker.

Kamilla received her initial experience in real estate on the sales and rental side. After several years in the industry, she pursued her life long passion of law and attended law school. Shortly thereafter, she debuted her estate and probate law firm in Downtown Manhattan. Her experiences switched from the sale side of real estate to the transactional side. With probate law, the transfer of property is a common event that comes along with many case. Her legal background has supplied her with the experience of real estate closings, dealing with title companies, negotiating on selling prices, and understanding the contractual aspect of a real estate deal. Brokers were employed by her firm to assist on selling properties which were administered through probate however one thing became clear – even agents and brokers from well established firms weren’t the solution but in fact the problem. With slow response times, lack of communication, and overall unreliability, calling a broker was becoming a dreadful occurrence. At this point, Kamilla realized the industry was lacking something. Although there are 25,000 licensed real estate agents in New York, that level of quantity was not translating into quality. This was when Kamilla Mishiyeva went forward with starting her own real estate brokerage. With both real estate sales experience and exposure to the legal side of realty, Kamilla offers a unique take on your real estate transaction. It’s not often that your broker is also a licensed attorney. But real estate isn’t just about having brilliant personnel. It’s also about brilliant marketers.

Garry Zeltser had been working with Kamilla’s law firm for several years now as her Chief Marketing Officer (CMO). He took her website from it’s infancy when it had no online exposure to ranking it on page one of Google for several highly competitive keywords. Dozens of social media campaigns, press releases, and relationships with local news and blogging organizations were built to give the law firm as much exposure as possible. By the second quarter of operation, the law firm became profitable. Garry Zeltser is now a licensed real estate agent, Direct of Business Development, and the individual who will make sure thousands of New Yorkers will see your listing. The successful sale of a listing is comprised of three things – communication, competence, and marketing.  With Garry, not only do you get all three foundational attributes, but the level of experience and precision in marketing will position your property to be seen by as many eyes as possible.

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Paper Street Real Estate LLC., 85 Broad St. New York, NY

Seller Agency

Listing agreements typically last 6 months. This is the standard with most realty transactions however we aim to get you to closing far quicker than that. Our goal is to give you the highest possible offer and the most exposure within the least amount of time. If you are a seller, here is how we will go about it:

  • Provide you with a comparable market analysis report in order to find an accurate price point for your property
  • List your property on the Multiple Listing Service (MLS)
  • List your property on real estate databases not covered by MLS
  • Advise on staging and showcasing your unit
  • Provide professional photos and floor plans
  • Send out mailers to prospective buyers and investors
  • Contact brokers and lenders in our professional network
  • PPC and Social Media ad campaigns to promote your property
  • Advertise your unit in hyperlocal blogs and news sites
  • Direct mailing and door-to-door campaign for local buyers
  • Inform our pool of pre-qualified prospects about your listing

Buyer Agency

If you are looking to buy a home, getting a broker to be your agent comes with advantages that you be hard-pressed to find when not being represented. Here is what we do during buyer’s agency:

  • Provide you with a full view of all listed properties in the MLS
  • Find unique aspects in a listing that can be leveraged in order to negotiate on the price
  • If no desired listings are posted in the MLS, we will directly contact homeowners to inquire on their willingness to sell
  • Give you exposure to our real estate network of attorneys, consultants, contractors, and other related parties that typically get involved during a real estate deal
  • Lead you through every step of the buying process and represent you as agents during the entirety of the transaction


Give us a call at (646) 945-3727 if you would like to speak with an agent today.

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