• January 7, 2019

Find The Right Real Estate Broker in Brooklyn NY

Find The Right Real Estate Broker in Brooklyn NY

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Real Estate Broker in Brooklyn NY

Find The Right Real Estate Broker in Brooklyn NYBrooklyn New York has become one of the most sought out places to live in within the past decade. It is also becoming almost as untouchable as Manhattan. Some of the most in demand locations are Park Slope, Dumbo, and Brooklyn Heights. What exactly is it about Brooklyn that people are falling in love with? Besides for the fact that public transportation let’s you get into Manhattan with relative ease, Brooklyn is vastly diverse from a cultural and culinary standpoint. Entertainment is endless. With public parks such as Prospect Park and Brooklyn Bridge Park at your disposal, this historic borough is becoming an ideal landing spot for families, young professionals, and individuals who want the city life with a little less of that “city” feel.

To put it mildly, Manhattan has truly become out of reach for many families as far as pricing goes. Affordability in Brooklyn is still relatively manageable. Median home sale prices are reaching $800,000 with an asking price of $778 per square foot. Rent is averaging $2,200 per month. Don’t let these numbers scare you if you are on a budget. Since Manhattan is so small ( 23 square miles ), there is less distinction in pricing as you go through each block. Brooklyn on the other hand is over four times the size of Manhattan standing at 97 square miles. The sheer size of this borough alone gives you more options.

Neighborhood Watch List

Park Slope

In northwest Brooklyn sits Park Slope, a neighborhood that received its name due to a location right on the western slope near Prospect Avenue. This neighborhood is easily one of the most desirable of areas to live in within the east coast .The quality of schools, dining, entertainment, transportation, and location earned Park Slope the #1 spot in New York Magazines neighborhood rating. American Planning Association named Park Slope one of the “Great Neighborhoods in America”. From an aesthetic perspective, the lined up townhouses throughout the area sporting fall and earthy colors gives you a sense that you are walking through a movie set. When you think of Brooklyn, Park Slope epitomizes the tone of this great borough. 


Dumbo, which is an acronym for Down Under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass, used to go by the name of Gairville. What was originally a ferry landing, this neighborhood eventually developed into a mecca of art galleries and tech startups. Today, it is considered the 4th wealthiest community in New York City with a median household income of $171,842 and a population of 1,139. Both Etsy and West Elm have their corporate headquarters residing in Dumbo. The prominence of this neighborhood takes hold even in pop culture with Jay-Z rapping about his regret for not buying property in this lush part of Brooklyn back when prices were still affordable.

Brooklyn Heights

Originally known as Brooklyn Village, Brooklyn Heights is home to just over 22,000 residents.  With brownstones built prior to the Civil War, this culturally rich neighborhood is a favorite landing spot for restaurant goers. With vast options for transportation available, the Brooklyn Bridge a short car ride away, and notable celebrities living in the area such as Bjork, Matthew Broderick, and Sarah Jessica Parker, there is no question as to why Brooklyn Heights adds to the already heavy roster of highly desired neighborhoods.

Brooklyn Real Estate Brokers

With the level of uncertainty in the real estate market, rising interest rates, and peak price points, now may be an ideal time to sell your apartment, co-op, condo, or townhouse. Our Brooklyn real estate agents can assist you in navigating through this market in order to help you sell your home for the highest price as quickly as possible. If you are interested in setting up a consultation with one of our agents, feel free to call us at (646) 945-3727 or email our lead agent at garry@paperstreetrealestate.com.