• February 28, 2019

Battery Park City NYC Real Estate

Battery Park City NYC Real Estate

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In Manhattan, there is a special neighborhood that has a unique dichotomy. It gives you that city feel but is surrounded by greenery and floral gardens. This neighborhood sits directly near every mode of public transportation which gives you access to all of NYC. In addition to that, what if we offered you a home that is guaranteed to be a high-end luxury apartment with all of the latest amenities. You would be living in a neighborhood that is over one-third parkland.  

The neighborhood I am talking about is Battery Park City located in Downtown Manhattan. This 92-acre residential haven is the perfect landing spot for young professionals, growing families, joggers, and singles. Battery Park City saw it’s first residential building in 1980. In 1991, the Empire State Development Corporation which used to be called the New York State Urban Development Corporation made a request to introduce 1,800 residential units to the area.

Right around this time, Brookfield Place, commonly known as World Financial Center, started their construction. During the 1980s, 23 buildings were built. The 1990s introduced another nine. The 2000s added another 14. For a neighborhood that was once an entire landfill, this impeccable turnaround in development created one of the most sought out places in the entire world.

The Residential Market

The Residential Buildings You Need To Know About in BPC

Residential Towers

How many residential buildings are there in Battery Park City? Currently, the number stands at 37. The median sale price for this neighborhood is $1,225,000 and average rent is approximately $4,768. As with the rest of the Manhattan real estate market, now is an ideal time to buy. Which buildings should you be aware of in the area? We won’t go all over of the residential towers in Battery Park City but here is a list of 5 notable developments we love.

225 Rector Place: Located on 225 Rector Place, New York, NY 10280, this tower was built in 1985 standing at 23 stories tall and includes 285 units. It’s original purpose was to be used as a rental building but was later converted into a condominium in 2008. 

The Ritz-Carlton: Located on 10 Little West Street, New York, NY 10004, this condo was built in 2003, includes 115 units, and stands at 38 stories. The views you get with this building are one of a kind. The complex is positioned with a view of The Statute of Liberty, the Verrazano Bridge, and the New York Harbor.

Liberty House: Located on 377 Rector Place, New York, NY 10280, Liberty House was built in 1985 standing at 27 stories. It includes 238 units. Since a number of the apartments face West and South, you have the fortune of waking up to a view of the Statute of Liberty.

Liberty Court: Located on 200 Rector Place, New York, NY 10280, this tower was built in 1987. With 46 stories, this complex houses 545 units. The location of Liberty Court is unlike anything else since it is placed so near the Hudson River Promenade.

The Visionaire: Located on 70 Little West Street, New York, NY 10280, this newer condo was built in 2008 standing at 33 stories and housing 247 units. The lore of this building is accompanied with the fact that notable architects Pelli Clarke Pelli designed this magnificent piece of real estate.

The Vibe of Battery Park City

At one point, this mass of space was a landfill. When it was being made into a residential development trying to attract working class tenants, pricing was certainly reasonable. Now, BPC has become increasingly affluent. This is a community where people know each other’s names and most residents find themselves in disbelief that the neighborhood is even a part of Manhattan. With parks, piers, and ponds, you’d be convinced you are residing in a suburb. 

The overall vibe of BPC is serene. You are planted in an urban paradise sitting on the edge of Manhattan Island. If your surroundings ever get stale, you can take a short stroll to the heart of the financial district and experience the fast-paced world of Wall Street. Restaurants are abundant. Bars are plentiful. The entertainment at your fingertips is endless. There is no better place in our opinion than Batter Park City. 

Battery Park City Real Estate Brokerage

Our firm, Paper Street Real Estate LLC, is located in the heart of the financial district just a short cab ride away from this immaculate area. We concentrate helping buyers and sellers with purchasing and selling condominium and co-op apartments. We use the most modern marketing strategies, social media, and search engine optimization to create as much hype and traffic needed to give your listing exposure. Our experience with dealing with co-op boards and getting buyers to the closing table makes us invaluable assets in getting your home purchase finalized. 

Call us at (646) 945-3727 to speak with an agent today. Whether you are looking to buy or sell a Battery Park City apartment, our firm is positioned conveniently near the neighborhood. We will act as your agents, representatives, and partners in getting the deal done.