The Paper Street team approaches real estate differently than other agents and brokers. Our founder, Kamilla Mishiyeva, is a licensed attorney who runs an estate planning and probate firm in the Financial District. Although Kamilla does not represent Paper Street’s real estate clients as a lawyer, she does provide them with contextual legal knowledge that can prove very helpful in the purchasing process. Few real estate agents bring this kind of vital expertise to the table, and we’ve seen it make all the difference in successful transactions.

Kamilla has sold property, worked at closings, and bought property personally, so she’s familiar with what the entire start-to-finish process entails. Kamilla’s staff is comprised of educated, capable people who have experience not only in the real estate arena, but also in general business, finance, and law-related professions. Their skills and savvy combine to form an unmatched team that gets results.

In a word, Paper Street’s strength is our diversity. When you engage us for your real estate needs, you put the wide-ranging expertise of an entire dedicated staff to work for you. We look forward to welcoming you to the Financial District, and to helping you find your next home in the heart of New York City.